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September 27, 2019:

In June of 2017, the Mobile Estates Board of Directors adopted the resolution that governs the area known as the Vehicle Storage Compound at the rear of the community. This is a reminder that all current leases expire on October 31 and it is time to (re)apply for a space assignment. The current monthly fee for a designated space is $25.00 for the large vehicles parked on the east side.

As mentioned, a lease does not auto-renew and there is no guarantee that space will be available or that those who currently have one will receive the same assignment. There are only twenty spaces for recreational vehicles, large trucks, campers, boats, kayaks, and trailers, and assignment is on a first-come basis, though we will try to accommodate those shareholders who already a designated space.

In addition, there are approximately nine (9) designated spaces for additional vehicle parking on the west side of the compound. If you have an extra car or small truck and wish to utilize one of these spaces, you also must submit a new lease agreement. At this time, there is not an additional monthly fee for parking a car or small truck, but rules and regulation 1.15.2 requires written approval, and the lease agreement serves as that approval.

Rules and regulation 1.15.3 that covers the recreation vehicle, trailer, and boat area also indicates that you must have a license plate and a current year registration. If you remove the license plate from the trailer or boat so that is is not stolen, you must provide the office with a copy of the current registration, license or ownership papers so they can be placed in your file.

Your cooperation is needed to keeping the storage area looking nice and organized. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact board members Ernie Ankrom or Gregg Tyler.

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