Mobile Estates: An adult Community located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida

Pledge of Professional Conduct

As a professional, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical obligations to my colleagues, shareholders, and the Mobile Estate Family. I promise to comply with the Director’s Code of Conduct, to treat everyone fairly and with dignity. I promise to go beyond the letter of our policies and the law and conform to the spirit and intent as well. I promise to take personal accountability for what I do right and wrong. And I promise not to take credit for the work of others but rather to freely give credit and honor the contributions of others. I also promise to –

  • Conduct myself in a manner which reflects great credit on the board, my colleagues, on the MEHOA and myself.
  • Speak the truth with no intent to deceive or mislead by technicalities or omissions.
  • Ensure my projects reports are accurate and honest and include necessary research.
  • Refrain from behavior that harms the shareholder’s perception of the board.
  • Honor all agreements I make with colleagues and shareholders.
  • Ensure that confidential and proprietary information of the board is kept confidential and proprietary.
  • Avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest and, if in doubt, to openly disclose and discuss my concerns.
  • Take personal accountability for my actions – for success and failure.
  • Take personal responsibility for recognizing and reporting breaches of the Code.
  • Discharge my responsibilities with a dedication to achieving the Mobile Estate’s Mission and in line with the Mobile Estate’s principles.
  • Serve all constituents of the Mobile Estates Association impartially, and provide no special privilege to an individual constituent or group.
  • Not to accept special personal compensation from an individual constituent beyond the limitations established by principle or policy, which include full disclosure and arm’s length dealings.
  • Comply with all levels of Sarasota County, State, and Federal regulations and Mobile Estates Association policy concerning lobbying and political activities and using only legal, ethical and moral means when attempting to influence legislation or regulations affecting the Mobile Estates Association or the mobile park industry.
  • Disclose information that belongs in the shareholder domain freely and completely but protecting that information which is confidential (generally related to personnel and shareholder personal information relating to character and competence of people within the association or shareholders [including sponsors]). Compensation information relating to the Leadership Team is meant to be in the “open book” category.
  • Issue no false or deliberately misleading statements or advertisements concerning the Mobile Estates Association or the Mobile Estates Association Board, any and visitor industry to the media, the public or any other persons, either affiliated with or unrelated to the Mobile Estates Park.
  • Actively encourage diversity of thought and background through the inclusion of qualified people from diverse backgrounds including ethnic or racial minorities, women, and refuse to engage in and or sanction discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical appearance, or disability.
  • Refuse to engage in and or sanction activities for personal gain at the expense of the Board or Association.
  • Strive to build collaborative relationships with other co-op board professionals and others for the advancement of the improving Mobile Estates Park management.
  • Constructive creative conflict faces into controversial issues with good faith and constructive disagreement, but push back against convention and the status quo.
  • The concept means that your first loyalty is to the mission and principles of the organization, not to a single person, idea or constituent.
  • One voice: Decisions are often made by directors and they often involve compromise. However, once made, assuming principles are not compromised and the authority to make the decision is assured, you own the decision. Support it from that point onward.
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