Mobile Estates: An adult Community located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida

Board of Directors Commitment

As a member of the Mobile Estate Board of Directors I commit to:

  • Respect fellow board members’ and shareholders’ opinions.
  • Live by the “Golden Rule”.
  • Improve through education, in preparation for the future for what is best for the majority of shareholders.
  • Be an active board member in sharing the load and accepting my share of responsibility to improve the Mobile Estates Community and volunteer where needed.
  • Maintain high moral principles and conduct myself accordingly. 
  • Respect the rights and feelings of others.
  • Be honest with myself and others in everything I say and do.
  • Obey the Mobile Estates By-laws.
  • Preserve and support an affordable quality of lifestyle in decisions I make for all shareholders of the Mobile Estates Community.
  • Keep in mind that I was not put on this earth to amuse myself or simply enjoy the fruits of the labors of others.  I shall endeavor to be of service to my fellow man and leave our Community a better place than I found it as a member of the Board of Directors.
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